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  • Tk N Cash – PreShock Mixtape Hosted By: Dj Infamous

  • T.K. -N- Ca$h – Twerk Tape


Signed to the DTP record label, Darien Townsend, whose stage name is C.A.$.H., and Tevin Thompson whose stage name it T.K., are literally “Disturbing The Peace” throughout the music industry. Both T.K. and C.A.$.H. caught the attention of DTP executives in mix tape singles “I’m So Celebrity” and “Fruity Colors” and later became the ultimate lead to the unique infusion of the duo. These teen prodigies are young, fresh, and extremely talented in their collaborative efforts.

C.A.$.H. was born in the Bronx, New York and since he was young, he knew that rapping was second nature and he had a natural ability to compose signature rhymes. C.A.$.H. was 5 years old when he moved to Augusta, GA where he was infused and influenced by southern culture and became heavily involved in the Georgia rap scene. At age 15, he began doing jingles for Flacos Production Company that was spearheaded by his brother. He began to grow and develop as an artist. The first single produced that generated buzz was “Swag Splash” featuring Lil Dollaz. After many promises and attempts at stardom gone bad, C.A.$.H. never gave up. From his frustrations, he cultivated his movement, DMS (Dollaz Make Sense). Dollaz Make Sense was created by C.A.$.H. and his brothers and served as a backing for his career.

T.K., when 8 years old, was already an established artist in his own right. He, who is never shy or reserved when in front of the spotlight, grabbed the attention of many audiences. T.K. has always been a dynamic performer and shined like a light when the microphone was in his hands. T.K. performed at various venues and even opened up for artists such as Trey Songz, Hurricane Chris, and Rasheeda.

T.K. and C.A.$. H. has formed an exciting, and rhythmically stylish duo. They will make history with their music and energized performances. T.K. and C.A.$. H. are the new trendsetters and leaders of the rap movement among the youth. The overall response they have received has been positive and it’s clear they will not be going anywhere any time soon. They are well sought after and have even made an impact on DTP records and Def Jam’s CEO LA Reid when performing for him.

T.K. and C.A.$. H. are destined to be the new face of DTP and exactly what the game has been missing. They are staying true to themselves and their label by creating music and an image that is definitely Disturbing the Peace!


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