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Ludacris 2010 Census – Dallas, TX

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1 Comment to Ludacris 2010 Census – Dallas, TX

  1. Conor J. Taylor's Gravatar Conor J. Taylor
    June 11, 2010 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Luda first i wanna say is that growing up in fostercare my whole life ur music has inspired me even when i was in my lowest times. I have bought every cd u have ever put out, yes including incocnegro, i am a huge luda fan and i just wanna say thank you for all that u have done for your fans, And please keep dropping a album a year cause us as fans need u. I know ur words are true and u will always b in my prayers. Thank u for helping me get through those years in fosterhomes and hopefully u will email me back it would mean alot to me. with love, conor joseph taylor. keep it ATL poppin, hopefully I can come home to atlanta one day. I am currently in independent living in wichita, kansas i am only 18. my birthday is March 17,1992. Well keep on keepin on. P.S. You know when i was younger i used to pray that you would adopt me. I know it would never happen but hey whats it to ya to wish. :-)

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